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M. Cecilia Stefania Beltrame Quattrocchi O.S.B.a.p.





M. Cecilia Stefania Beltrame Quattrocchi O.S.B.a.p.

M. Cecilia Stefania Beltrame Quattrocchi O.S.B.a.p.

Stefania, called Fanny by her family members - later Sister Maria Cecilia - was born in Rome on March 9, 1908, the second daughter of husband and wife Luigi and Maria Beltrame Quattrocchi. As a child she attended classical music concerts, studied, and travelled, while at the same time she carried out intense parish activities, engaging in various works of the apostolate.

She would leave Beltrame House to follow her religious vocation on September 18, 1927, accompanied by her father Luigi, on her way to Milan to join the nuns of the "San Benedetto" Monastery; here she took the name Sister Cecilia.

Humble, clothed in silent reserve, she made her perpetual profession on October 6, 1932. She would receive only three years later, still very young, the difficult and delicate task of novice mistress.

Meanwhile, Sister Cecilia's spiritual bond with her siblings and family did not break.

Sister Cecilia's various letters to Mother Mary reveal her deep and very rich spiritual experience, but also the quality of the filial relationship that is one of true spiritual direction. A contemplative soul, totally surrendered to God's will, she knows how to be profoundly good in forgiving to the core, totally forgetting any wrong done to her.

In the Monastery she carried out various tasks: member of the Council, archivist, librarian, director of spirituality journals, organist, choir master, she had knowledge of European languages.

A sensitive and open-minded educator, she formed many generations of girls to faith and life. Love, supernatural intelligence of God's ways, richness of spiritual experience dictated the words of profound wisdom. Great was her effort in the work of revising the Constitutions.

On November 18, 1971, she was elected Prioress; thus, opened a season of sacrifice, a life all based on faith and loving service to the sisters.

She served as prioress from 1971 to 1990, at the end of which time she did not want to be re-elected despite the loving pressure in her daughters. Although the cross of infirmity did not allow her active participation in the community, nevertheless her maternal concern for each sister grew more and more in her.

She would return to her heavenly Father's house at dawn on March 1, 1993, after receiving Holy Communion and uttering her last words, "I am in trust." These words are the synthesis of a life entrusted, day after day, to the will of the Father in filial simplicity.

P. Massimiliano Noviello OFMCap.

Postulator of the Causes of Saints

M. Cecilia Stefania Beltrame Quattrocchi O.S.B.a.p.