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Enrichetta Beltrame Quattrocchi





Enrichetta Beltrame Quattrocchi

Enrichetta Beltrame Quattrocchi

Enrichetta - baptized with the name of Enrica - was the last daughter of the blessed spouses Luigi and Maria, the first couple raised to the honours of the altars in the Catholic Church (21 October 2001). "She loved to define himself as a simple "little ladle" in the hands of God - recalls the postulator of the cause of beatification and canonization, Father Massimiliano Noviello. She was a strong reminder to live the values of the Spirit in our daily lives, with a heart dilated in the continuous search for God and in the solicitous attention of charity towards all men, our brothers. She represented a wonderful and original example of vocation to the service of the family good, with joyful and generous assistance to parents, siblings and all those in need of material and spiritual help, also guiding young engaged couples. In his home, a domestic sanctuary, both in Rome and in Serravalle di Bibbiena, she welcomed and supported, with humble zeal, prelates, religious and vocations through prayer, advice and example”.

Born on 6 April 1914 and died on 16 June 2012, at the age of 98, Enrichetta lived her life of prayer and charity towards the poor. Graduated in Modern Literatureat the La Sapienza University, she specialized in History of Art, which he taught in various high school in the capital and which, from 1966, he put to good use at the National Institute of Graphics, where she was Superintendent, organizing exhibitions and editing publications. “She devoted herself to an incessant activity of voluntary service, Catholic and lay”, the postulator emphasizes. From 1936, she accompanied the Unitalsi trains of sick people on numerous journeys to Lourdes and Loreto. “From 1938, he became part of the Daughters of Charity of San Vincent de Paul, presiding over a group of "ladies" who provided assistance in the areas of Trastevere and Montagnola, then very degraded. At the height of the Second World War, Enrichetta and her group contributed to the risky activity of helping Jewish brethren, the politically persecuted, soldiers and refugees, to which the entire Beltrame Quattrocchi family, in contact with the monastery of Subiaco, lent themselves. Following her mother's example and together with her, from 1939 she worked as a volunteer with the Red Cross, graduating as a nurse in 1940.”

For a certain period, she expressed her desire to become a nun, but careful discernment made her understand "that her vocation was to devote herself to the generous service of her family", explains Father Noviello. From 1994 he devoted himself totally to the process of beatification of his parents. "Enrichetta - continues the religious - further intensified her activity of spreading the couple's message of faith, maturing with awareness and strength of mind in her role as custodian of their memory, continuer of their works and disseminator of their values, which she testified in the meetings with the families organized by the dioceses throughout Italy, in the conferences, in the theatrical performances that represented them, like a relay race carrying their light ».

In 2001 she was in St. Peter's Square with his brothers Don Tarcisio and Father Paolino to attend the canonization of his parents. In 2002 she became a scout, following in the footsteps of the family that had joined scouting since 1916. On 2 October 2033 she became the owner of the "Foulards Blancs " and co-founder of the "Amici di Don Tar" association, in memory of her brother, who died on February 20, at the age of 92, in the house in via Depretis. Again, on November 15, 2005, she consecrated herself as a laywoman to the Witnesses of the Risen movement, of which she had met the founder Fr Sabino Palumbieri. In 2010, she adopted Francesco Beltrame, son of her cousin Enrico.

She died on 16 June, 2012, at the age of 98. His remains rest in the church of Santa Prassede, in Rome, which she frequented daily. On 30 August 2021 she was proclaimed Venerable by Pope Francis.

Enrichetta Beltrame Quattrocchi

1. Graduated in Modern Literature from La Sapienza University

2. Since 1966 she has worked as superintendent at the National Institute of Graphics

3. From 1938 she joined the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, providing assistance in the areas of Trastevere and Montagnola

4. In 2001 he was in St. Peter's Square with his brothers Fr. Tarcisio and Fr. Pauline to attend the canonization of his parents

5. The house was on Via Depretis

6. His remains rest in the church of Santa Prassede, Rome