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P. Paolino Beltrame Quattrocchi





P. Paolino Beltrame Quattrocchi

P. Paolino Beltrame Quattrocchi

Father Paolino (1909-2008), was born in Rome. He is registered under the name Cesare Beltrame Quattrocchi.

He was a great protagonist in the spiritual and social life of the Italian twentieth century; he was a postulator of saints, military chaplain in war and Benedictine monk, scout and collaborator of SIM-Marina (intelligence service) and "Missione Nemo" (intelligence).

Several religious houses at which he trained and served: abbey of St. Paul Outside the Walls (1924-1928), abbey of St. John the Evangelist in Parma (1928-1962), abbey of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament (locality of Frattocchie, near Rome; 1962-2008). Enlightened confessor, great passionate and vibrant preacher (writer Giovannino Guareschi will remember him), companion on the road of many vocations (among them that of Pietro Barilla).

In 1928 Father Paolino professed solemn religious vows in the church of San Giovanni in Parma. In 1933 he was ordained a priest.

Father Paolino's works in the social field were numerous: he founded the Pontifical Work Assistance with a network of 10 colonies, including the one in Misurina, which housed thousands of Parmesan children suffering from respiratory diseases, and, in the province, those in Scipione di Salsomaggiore and Corniglio (the latter for Carraresi miners); he created the "House of the veteran" in borgo Regale, to give hospitality to soldiers returning from prison camps; he founded "Villa Serena" in Buffolara Street, a first reception centre for freed prisoners; he established a refectory for the poor and founded the school of social workers (later "inherited" by the University); he created the "La spiga" club in Petrarca Street, for after-school activities for the province's youngsters; and for university students he created the "Sant'Anselmo d'Aosta" boarding school at the convent of San Giovanni.

As a man committed to social work, he was very close to the scout movement: he established the women's group, and for a long time was spiritual assistant to Agesci, so much so that he was renamed "red cat" by the boys.

A military chaplain in the territories of the former Yugoslavia, a secret cell in northern Italy of the Allied liberation forces, and a silver medal for military valour, Father Paolino actively participated in the Resistance as a secret agent, while his family in Rome hid and helped numerous fugitives and Jews. In 1944, Father Paolino went in person to Salò and obtained the suspension of the death sentences of twenty-six Parmesan partisans. On other occasions he interceded at the Parma prison on behalf of a number of those sentenced to death on charges of connivance with fascism.

Father Paolino then actively participated in relief efforts for those displaced in Polesine after the flood of 1950. From the hands of Bishop Silvio Cesare Bonicelli, he received in the packed Cathedral the "Monsignor Rossolini Award."

He concluded his earthly exodus on Tuesday, December 30, 2008, in the Monastery of Frattocchie, where he serenely spent the last part of his long life.

P. Massimiliano Noviello OFMCap.

Postulator of the Causes of Saints

P. Paolino Beltrame Quattrocchi

1. Trained and served in many religious locations including the Abbey of St. Paul Outside the Walls (1924-1928)

2. Died in the Monastery of Frattocchie (near Rome), where he spent the last part of his long life peacefully.