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A life dedicated to young people and Scouting

Filippo Tarcisio was born in Rome on October 15, 1906, the eldest of the four children of Luigi and Maria Beltrame Quattrocchi. He entered Catholic Scouting at the age of 10, covering all the educational stages from Lupetto to Capo, maturing in him, from the age of 15, the priestly vocation.

He entered the Capranica College of Rome in 1924; then he moved to the Benedictine Monastery of San Giovanni Evangelista in Parma and on 21 December 1930 was ordained priest.

After the dissolution of the scout movement, in 1927 by fascism, "Don Tar", as he was familiarly called, worked within the Catholic Action until 1941 when, with the outbreak of the Second World War, he was sent as Military Chaplain to Marina, first in the 4th Submarine Group, then in the VII Cruisers Division. He was twice decorated for valour in the field and then participated in the Resistance, together with his brother, until the end of the conflict.

In 1945 he was one of the first to commit himself to the rebirth of Catholic Scouting in Rome and then, returning to Parma, together with Father Paolino, he founded in the Benedictine Monastery of San Giovanni, on 21 December 1945, the ASCI Parma V Section, naming it after the major partisan martyr Max . Casaburi (and subsequently the AGI Parma II Division), where Luigi Andreoli (1906-1991), founder of Parma Catholic Scouting in the pre-war period, would also have landed after the death of Don Ennio Bonati (Aquila Randagia, 1915-1950).

Don Tarcisio extended his pastoral commitment to the world of schools, to the assistance works founded by his brother Paolino and to young married couples, of which, in many cases, he became an appreciated spiritual advisor.

Leaving Parma in 1955 and returning to Rome, he devoted himself to teaching in Roman high schools and to educational work in various scout groups in the capital, while maintaining close contacts with Parma scouting, collaborating in the foundation of the Agesci Parma 8 group of SS. Annunziata and later of the Community of the Foulards Blancs, participating in numerous camps and initiatives of the same groups.

As a Priest in White Foulard, he participated, for over fifty years, together with his sister Enrichetta, in the Unitalsi pilgrimages to the Sanctuary of Lourdes, where she served with her children to the sick.

Starting from 1995 he was called to the editorial board of the national magazine of the scouts of Agesci, where through the column "mail to the ecclesiastical assistant" he continued his work of apostolate and service to the younger generations.

After having witnessed, with his brother Paolino and his sister Enrichetta the elevation to the glory of the altars of his parents, he died peacefully at the age of 96 on February 20, 2003, bequeathing to Italian scouting, as well as an existence of total dedication. and service, the text of the famous song “Al cader della giorno” written by him in hiding in 1944, and the translation of “Stella in the high seas” by the Frenchman Guy de Larigaudie.

Massimiliano Noviello OFMCap.

Postulator of the Causes of Saints


1. Enters Capranica College in Rome in 1924

Teaches in Roman high schools

2. In 2001 he was in St. Peter's Square with his brother Father Paolino and sister Enrichetta to attend the canonization of his parents