Unveiling the Best Class to Farm Gold in WoW – Tips and Tricks

Best Class to Farm Gold in WoW

World of Warcraft, a universe of endless adventure and complex economics, presents a unique challenge: farming gold efficiently. This post explores the best classes for this task and provides actionable tips and tricks.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to Azeroth, this guide will help you maximize your potential.

Choosing the Best Class

When it comes to gold farming in WoW, your choice of class plays a crucial role. This section examines the strengths and weaknesses of various classes in the context of gold farming, providing a foundation for making an informed decision.

Factors to Consider

First, consider the class’s ability to deal damage and survive in different environments. Classes with high DPS and survivability tend to farm gold more efficiently. AoE (Area of Effect) abilities are particularly valuable for quickly clearing large groups of enemies.

Next, mobility is key. Classes that move quickly between farming spots save time, increasing overall gold per hour. Abilities that enhance speed or teleportation can significantly impact farming efficiency.

Lastly, consider the versatility of the class. Classes that perform well in various scenarios, such as solo play, dungeons, or open-world farming, offer more opportunities to farm gold effectively.

Top Classes

World of Warcraft Mage. Forsaken Mage.
Source: wegamedaily.com

Rogues excel in single-target DPS and have unique abilities like lockpicking, opening additional gold-making opportunities. Their stealth ability allows for efficient and safe farming in dangerous areas.

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This website serves as a useful resource for players aiming to optimize their techniques with classes like Rogues.

Mages, known for powerful AoE spells, are excellent for farming large groups of enemies. Their teleportation spells provide unmatched mobility, enabling quick transitions between farming spots.

Druids offer versatility with their shape-shifting abilities. They can adapt to different farming scenarios, whether it’s tanking in bear form or quick gathering in travel form. Their AoE capabilities also make them a strong choice.

Efficient Strategies

Once you’ve selected the right class, adopting effective farming strategies is crucial. This section delves into practical methods to maximize your gold income, regardless of your chosen class.

Best Farming Locations

Identify lucrative farming spots. Research current market trends to find valuable items and target areas where these items drop. Consider both classic farming spots and less popular locations to avoid competition.

Seasonal events in WoW often offer unique farming opportunities. Participate in these events to access special items that can be sold for a premium. Keep an eye on in-game calendar events for these opportunities.

Older dungeons and raids can be a gold mine. Soloing these instances for rare drops and crafting materials can yield significant profits, especially for items in demand for transmogrification or crafting.

Optimizing Your Farming Routine

Develop a routine. Consistency in farming routes and timing can increase efficiency. Use addons to track farming routes and times to optimize your sessions.

Balance your time between different farming activities. While grinding mobs for drops is effective, don’t overlook gathering professions or playing the Auction House for additional income.

Invest in bags with large capacities to reduce downtime from returning to sell items. This simple investment can significantly increase your gold per hour.

Enhancing Earnings with Professions

WOW Enhancing Earnings with Professions
Source: news.blizzard.com

Professions complement your class’s capabilities. This section highlights how to leverage professions to boost it efficiency.

Choosing Complementary Professions

Select professions that align with your class and farming strategy. For example, if you frequently farm herbs or mines, Herbalism or Mining are logical choices. Tailoring, with its scavenging ability, can be beneficial for classes that farm cloth from humanoids.

Crafting professions like Alchemy or Jewelcrafting can turn raw materials into valuable products. Keep abreast of market demands to craft items that sell well.

Maximizing Profit from Professions

Utilize your professions daily. Whether it’s crafting items for sale or completing profession-specific quests, these activities add a substantial amount to your gold reserves.

Study the Auction House to understand market trends. Timing is crucial; knowing when to sell crafted items or raw materials can significantly increase profits.

Consider secondary professions like Cooking or Fishing. These often-overlooked skills can provide a steady income stream, especially when certain foods or materials are in high demand.

Maximizing Gold Earnings with Auction House Mastery

Understanding the Auction House Dynamics

The Auction House (AH) in WoW is a critical component for effective gold farming. This section focuses on mastering the AH to increase your gold reserves significantly. Understanding supply and demand dynamics is crucial. Keep track of which items are in high demand but low supply, as these can fetch higher prices.

Pay attention to the timing of your listings – for example, selling raiding materials just before the weekend can be more profitable, as more players are active and gearing up for raids.

Advanced Auction House Strategies

To truly master the AH, consider using addons like TradeSkillMaster or Auctioneer. These tools provide valuable insights into market trends and historical prices, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

Diversify your listings to include a variety of items such as rare mounts, pets, transmog gear, or crafting materials. Remember, consistency and patience are key. Regularly monitor the AH to adjust your prices based on the current market conditions, ensuring you maximize your profits.

Leveraging Daily Quests and World Events for Gold

Argent Daily Quests WOW
Source: iggm.com

Daily quests offer a reliable source of income and should be a part of your strategy. This section discusses how to efficiently incorporate daily quests into your routine. Prioritize quests that offer the highest gold rewards or those that can be completed quickly and in conjunction with your usual routes.

Also, focus on quests that reward valuable items like crafting materials or reputation tokens, which can be sold for a good price on the AH.

World events in WoW present unique opportunities for gold farming. These limited-time events often have special quests and items that are only available for a short period. Participating in these events can yield exclusive items that can be sold for high prices, especially after the event ends and the items become rarer.


Gold farming in WoW is both an art and a science. By choosing the right class, adopting efficient strategies, and leveraging professions, you can significantly boost your gold income. Remember, the key to successful gold farming lies in understanding market trends, optimizing your routines, and being adaptable to the ever-changing World of Warcraft economy.

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